David (Premae) and Goliath (Clinique) – battle of the brands

The great beauty debate: Is Premae better than Clinique?

When customers started writing in to us, comparing our Immaculate collection set to Cliniques Anti-blemish set, I had to take a look.

I love it when I see a ‘goliath’ brand rebrand the idea of a ‘david’ startup company and package it so perfectly, you’d think the smaller company was the offspring of the larger one.

I can’t tell you whether Premae Skincare is better than Clinique, as your skin is different to mine and i’ve only ever used Clinique once and felt like my skin was burning so rinsed it off immediately, feeling foolish for spending £120 on a regime I clearly wasn’t going to get any further use out of.

Here is an image I saw online which seems to sum up the facts.

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