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Clare Anyiam-Osigwe 2024 Director Showreel


Award-winning filmmaker Clare Anyiam-Osigwe BEM has directed Ch4’s Hollyoaks, ITV’s Coronation Street and BBC’s The Break, with an incredible 12 episodes of TV work in the past 12 months.

Having wrote/directed two feature films, No Shade and Finding Forever, Clare regularly serves an an executive producer packaging films, scripted and unscripted formats for companies internationally.

Clare has also directed the BUFF Awards for the past 8 years (broadcasted on BT, Facebook and Sky).

Clare has a slate of projects in development with various companies and as the co-chair of BAFTA qualifying festival BUFF, Clare has extensive experience in pitching, packaging, marketing and producing.

Benefits of coaching by Clare 

 ​ ​Set and achieve careering 
changing goals 

 learn how to write a feature length
 movie within 21 days

  Support with industry job applications
  Invitation to industry events 

  shadowing opportunities to go ​on set 

  Fast track to BUFF Studios 
production slate 

  Introduction to private investors

  Early access to Clare's books

Set life is the Best life

The greatest way to get ahead is to learn from someone who's a few steps ahead, doing things and achieving the things you want to achieve. Why struggle when you can succeed, quickly and consistently!

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Health, Happiness and Abundance 

Aside from a successful entertainment career, Clare has a Doctorate in Biochemistry and has always been a huge advocate of healthy living. As the Founder of Premae Skincare, the world's first Vegan Freefrom Skin and Makeup brand, Clare commanded a coveted celebrity list of clients and loyal customers from 2011-2017. A British Empire Medalist, for her services to Dermatology, Clare is now opening her books again for private health consultation.

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Prescriptions for skincare, supplements and allergy testing. 

Allergy Tests

Finding out exactly what ingredients you should be consuming is the game changer. Get the knowledge now so you can take control of your food and skin diet, relieving the stress of chronic illness and disease. 


Dr Clare has a new line of skincare available to dramatically improve and resolve your on-going skin conditions. 


Vitamins and powders are the new Holy Grail for inner and outer beauty, health and vitality. Dr Clare will match you to the right ones for optimum energy, nervous system and a multitude of mind and body health benefits.

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7 Steps for Success

What is the purpose of life and success if you don't experience happiness? The two are not mutually exclusive. Happiness is an inside job. Join Clare's membership, for daily tips, vlogs and blogs on how to manage emotions, spiritual life and family by choosing happiness. 

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Work-Life balance 

The key to having it all, isn't a number in your account. It is a carefully planned and executed set of daily habits that focus the mind. Work smarter, play harder. 

Start afresh 

There is no need to start your new year on January 1st. Everyday is a new day to make a new decision and start again. Clare's belief is that "If you win the morning, you win the day!" 

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