@rainpryor will be joining this weeks @screenlately show, fresh from #Cannes2022 🟢 @pavillionafrique Rain Pryor is a entertainer, director, writer, playwright, speaker, activist, wife and mother. Pryor wants to assist you in finding and living out your desires, and, breaking down racial biases. Rain, shares her views on race and has lead panel discussions on diversity in education and in the entertainment industry at Princeton University, The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore. Pryor, has also received honors for her commitment to arts education by Business Women of Baltimore, and Baltimore Department of Education. Her leadership skills began back in the early 90s when Rain was part of a gang ceasefire in Los Angeles, and was an substance abuse dual diagnosis counselor, and helped establish treatment protocols for two rehabs in Los Angeles. Rain used all of her experiences to run for local office in Baltimore MD in the 3rd District. Pryor is currently a Schusterman Fellow, developing her leadership skills and participating in panel discussions on race and intersectionality. She’s also on the board of the Columbia Arts Festival and Jewish Women’s International. Rain is a truly brilliant performer. Her performances are considered thought provoking through truthful storytelling, and she has spot on mimicry, which landed her to be nominated by the NAACP three times. She won an NAACP for her irreverent solo show “Fried Chicken & Latkes, and for her role as the evil stepsister in the Michael Jackson produced musical Sisterella. She was nominated for the prestigious ADELCO Awards for her Off Broadway run at the National Black Theatre in Harlem. Her writing and performance has lead to a television development deal with Norman Lear, the creator of The Jefferson’s and her latest project #Ancestors is in development @thebuffstudios, having successfully pitched at Pavillion Afrique, Cannes – the team will announce more as the project goes into pre-production.

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