This week I’m watching Black Molasses on @bohemiaeuphoria ✨Black Molasses✨Directed by: Nathan Shadrach, Scarlett Fae ✨Written by and starring Scarlett Fae, ’Black Molasses’ is a short film which follows a regular Sunday in the life of G, a 20-something and explores a correlation between her experiences and those of Mother Earth. Created with Nathan Shadrach (co-director), Fae’s directorial debut was filmed in mid 2021 with the help of a small, close-knit crew & cast as a visual accompaniment to her new single ‘Black Molasses’. Produced by Tim Bidwell, the track was written and performed by Scarlett and features lyrics and musical composition which focus on the large issues surrounding the health of planet earth. A poignant message delivered through a beautiful and cinematic ballad.✨

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